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Hole Opener

Cutting Structure

The reamer mainly consists of four or more cones. Cutting Structure with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing or premium tungsten carbide insert of formulas and new techniques is utilized, and increases wear-resistance capability of reamer. The pilot is tricone bit.
Seal and Lubrication

High performance HNBR O-ring for bearing seal and advanced grease for lubrication.

Product Application

It is suitable for the large size well, mining and infrastructure applications.

Current Main Availability

Recommended Drilling Parameter

IADC WOB (KN/mm) RPM (r/min) Applicable Formations
517/537 0.4~1.0 120~60 Soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability, such as mudstone, gypsum, salt, soft limestone, etc.
 617 0.45~1.1 90~50 Medium hard formation with high compress strength, such as hard shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite. etc
637 0.5~1.2 80~40 Hard formations with high compressive strength, such as sandstone, limestone, dolomite ,hard gypsum, marble, etc.
117/127 0.35~0.9 150~70 Soft to medium formations with low compressive strength , such as medium soft shale, hard gypsum, medium soft limestone, medium soft sandstone, soft formation with harder interbed, etc.
Note: The upper limits of WOB and RPM in above table should not be used simultaneously.