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MD's Message

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and GETECH Equipments International PVT LTD took that first step in 2005. We used to dream a lot and we had the courage to undertake any challenges that may come in the way of realizing those dreams. It was Determination, dedication and hard work that took us to the present position.
When we started our industry, our aim was to explore the technology to deliver the best product for a cheaper price. We never thought twice when there is a need to invest on technology. We never compromise on the quality of manpower. And we never turned back from keeping professional ethics in each of our dealings. We consider each business dealing as a relation between two human beings and we regard this relation more than anything. By extending timely technical support and by providing training we are working with our clients as their partners.
We have come a long way which certainly was not a bed of roses. I, as the Managing Director of GETECH take this opportunity to thank all our customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and well wishers who extend their support to us during our journey. I am quite sure that without you all, we will not be in the place where we are today.
Success is not final and we know there are many more areas to conquer. We continue our voyage to new horizons. Dedication, determination and a will to work hard are our power and the courage to enter new areas is our fuel. I am quite sure that our mission to use the latest technology for the well being of our society will certainly guide us in this long journey.
Now we are entering a new era at GETECH and you certainly will come across with many new products with sophisticated technology. I request you all to extend your support in our mission.

Mrs. Geetha. V. Nair
Managing Director